Designing the Perfect Patio or Deck

Supercharge your summer lounging with these helpful ideas for designing the perfect patio or deck.

3/8/20232 min read

hardwood deck and deck framing
hardwood deck and deck framing

Measure Your Space to Determine the Shape of your Patio or Deck

Knowing the measurements of your outdoor space can help you make better decisions when deciding on the shape of your patio or deck design. Pay special attention to determining the width and length of your space. Once this is done, draw a draft sketch of your proposed patio or deck that matches the size and location you have in mind. Make sure to include any trees or other obstacles in this draft plan. This will help you determine if it's feasible to fit everything within the given area!

Choose Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Durability

When it comes to designing a patio or deck that will last through the years, choosing quality materials is key. Use H3 treated pine for framing above the ground and H4 post or h4 sleepers for any timber that goes into the ground or touch's the surface, as these products have been treated accordingly. For the decking hardwoods like spotted gum or merbau offer a natural resistance to the harse weather conditions Composite materials offer an attractive alternative, as they come in a variety of colors, styles and textures - plus they require little maintenance.

Select the Right Furniture for Comfort and Style

Keep in mind that the right furniture can make or break a deck or patio. Durable options include wicker, teak and wrought iron, while mesh fabrics are surprisingly stylish and easy to care for. Make sure you select pieces that provide enough seating while maintaining an aesthetic look. Don't forget functional items like end tables, ottomans and side tables, as they can add both comfort and style. Lastly, select chairs with ample support - this will ensure your guests stay comfortable after a long day of lounging in the sun.

Incorporate Outdoor Lighting to Create Ambiance and Illuminate Paths

Whether you’re looking for something subtle or something bright, outdoor lighting adds to the design of your patio or deck in more ways than one. Low voltage wired low-intensity uplights and wall sconces can make even the smallest space shine, while pathway lights add texture and help guide the way. Don't forget string lights! They are perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere and will transform your backyard into a star-lit retreat.

Enhance with Plants and Water Features for a Cohesive Look

Add greenery and texture to your patio or deck with plants, trees and water features. For summer-ready arrangements opt for succulents, ferns and other hearty varieties that can withstand the heat. Beyond adding visual appeal, lush foliage provides cooling shade to help keep your patio more comfortable. Strategically placed water features like ponds, fountains or bubbling urns can provide a tranquil atmosphere and prove the perfect place for relaxing by day or night.