Guide on How to Combine a Deck and Patio

Bringing together a patio and deck can make the exterior of your home look stunning! Discover the best ways to combine them with this comprehensive guide.

3/2/20232 min read

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Combining a patio and deck can bring a whole new level of style and sophistication to the exterior of your home. With the right materials, designs, and accessories, you can create a stunning outdoor space that will be the envy of all your neighbors. In this guide, you'll learn how to combine these two features for maximum effect.

Define Your Area.

Before you begin putting together the elements of your patio and deck, make sure to define the area. Establish a boundary by finishing any necessary fencing, painting it or adding some foliage for privacy. Then, start making decisions about the elements that will make up your space—patio furniture and accessories, outdoor lighting, planters, etc.—and determine where each one will go. This will help you visualize what your finished space will look like and make combining the patio and deck elements easier.

Consider the Size of Your Decking and Patio.

When designing a patio and deck combination, size will be one of your main considerations. Consider the area carefully: you don’t want the patio to be too big or small relative to the size of the deck, as either could look awkward. Evaluate how much space you have to work with and imagine what it would look like with various sizes of patios and decks. You may even wish to draw out a basic sketch of the area to explore different possibilities.

Plant Some Greenery.

Plants and other greenery can tie your patio and deck together nicely, making them look like one cohesive area. Look for plants that will add some lively color to the area and to complement other elements in the outdoor space, such as furniture pieces. You could also include trees or hedges that can give people a sense of privacy, blocking out any intrusive noise from neighbors or streets. Low-maintenance plants like succulents, cacti and palms are ideal for this purpose.

Utilize Water Elements.

Incorporating a water element is another great way to bring together your patio and deck. It could be as simple as having a bubbling fountain connected to the deck or installing an infinity pool around the patio area. If you have space for larger water features, such as a pond with elaborate plants and fish, it can create an even more impressive effect. Water elements create serene sounds that lend further relaxation when people are outside enjoying either the patio or deck areas.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture.

The patio and deck area is a great place for entertaining family and friends. To make this happen, you’ll need to invest in comfortable furniture that is suitable for both spaces. Look for pieces that are able to shift between the two areas if space is limited — think couches, poufs, chairs, bar stools and more. For ultimate comfort, pick items made with luxuriously upholstered fabrics like leather or velvet for extra warmth. Making sure your guests are comfortable will not only add ambiance but it will help create a social atmosphere as well!